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1. For Good Sale

On Shukla Paksha (Bright moon side) Saturday evening, squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle this juice in your shop/ office / factory and rest of the juice throw at clay built place in your shop / profession. All problems related to your shop like najar etc. will be solved and also sale will increase.

2. For Job

If you failed to get a job even after many trials try this remedy. Take one Lemon; go to Choraha ( a place where four roads meet). Cut the Lemon into four parts and throw all of them in four directions. While you are doing this you should keep your wish in your heart. After that, straightaway come back home. Do this remedy regularly for seven days before Sun rise. Success shall be bestowed on you.

3. For money and Lakshmi stabilty

If you feel that money never stays with you then try this remedy. On Shukla Paksha Thursday, take 11 Kodis which are beleievd to be prosperity giving, 7 Gomati Chakras and 7 Hakiks (Sulemani).Put tilak with Turmeric powder and place them on yellow cloth at Pooja place. You can make a potli out of all these and keep this potli in the cash box. Goddess Laxmi will surely shower her blessings on you and your family.

4. For speech disorders

Native who has speech disorder like stammering etc. should do this remedy. For 41 days drink the water kept in Sankh (Conch) twice in a day i.e. morning and evening. You can also try; burn 11 kodis till they turn into ash on first Wednesday of Shukla Paksha. Then immerse this ash in flowing water. Do this remedy for five Wednesdays. You can do this remedy on the day of Deepawali also.

5. For all kind of eveil effects on business

Indrani Yantra is an amazing yantra for prosperity. If business is completely flopped. Customers don't enter in the shop, in that case business enhancer Indrani Yantra should be established at the Pooja place of your shop. You shall get the results immediately.

6. For happy married life and relationship

In today's world there are so many small or big issues that become the cause of tension between marital relationships. Confusion and misunderstandings between husband & wife often destroys the peace & happiness in the family. In that case this remedy is very useful. On Tuesday (Shukla Paksha) keep 11 Gomati Chakras in a container of red vermillion (sindoor). Keep this container at home. Peace & happiness shall stay for long time in the family.

7. For marriage

If there are marriage proposals but no proposal get materialized, in that case on Saturday's evening take 7 dry Coconuts and rotate them 7 times around the head of affected boy or girl and immerse them into flowing water. If required repeat this up to 7 Saturdays.

8. For more customers

To enhance your customers, take one beetle nut, a copper coin, 7 Gomati chakras on Deepawali night or at the time of Eclipse, then keep all these items under a Peepal tree. On coming Monday, bring a leaf from that tree and keep that under cushion or in cash box of your shop.

9. To remove evil tantrik effect or black magic

On Wednesday, Take eight Gomati Chakras, rotate two Gomati Chakras around your head and throw them in one direction. Do the same with other Gomati Chakras and throw them in four directions. This shall remove the evil effects of Tantric Karmas performed on you.

10. For Health

If the patient is not getting cured even after regular medication in that case, rotate 11 Gomati chakras around the head of the patient and immersed them in flowing water. While you are doing this, request to God to cure the patient soon. Patient shall start recovering very soon. Repeat this remedy consecutive for five Mondays. Remember this. During this process, medicine of patient should not be stopped.

11. For good business

If your profession is completely flopped, or you are the victim of evil eye, in that case tie 11 Gomati Chakras in red cloth and make a potli out of this. then tie it on the main entrance door or on the frame of the door of the shop. Immediately, all evil effects of Tantrik activities shall come to an end.

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