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Muhurats are considered to be the auspicious time slots, determined by nature itself for carrying out all possible tasks that are important for an individual in his/ her lifetime. Nature and the cosmic energy have their own ways of fixing time slots for accomplishment of each event in everyone's life.

As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, there is a particular moment or duration in time for every task to be consummated, which is the Shubh Muhurat for that particular event. It takes a lot of study and calculations of various celestial bodies and their movements to determine a Shubh Muhurat. Muhurats have been of immense importance since the ancient Vedic days. Back then,they were determined for performing events of distinct importance, such as 'Yajnas'. This was done to ensure the presence of divinely-sourced positivity while the felicitous event was being done. And as the concept of Muhurats caught attention in the society, People began to consult the astrologers more often to ensure that all their important events were polished off during an auspicious time. In ancient times, the kings and rulers of various dynasties and kingdoms would prefer a precise Muhurat for all their auspicious occasions.

With the advent of the modern era, shunning such belief systems have become a matter of statement in society. Hence, it is substantial to gauge the importance of Muhurats according to one's perception and inclination. Though many things change over a certain period of time, we must try to preserve the essence of our roots, culture and beliefs. Many special occasions such as marriage, naming ceremony (Namkaran) and housewarming (Griha Pravesh) are still conducted after the due consultation of an astrologer to ensure induced harmony, auspiciousness and positivity.

Why do we need a Shubh Muhurat?

With so much hue and cry about Muhurats, one needs to stop and retrospect its importance and relevance in their life. Why do we need Muhurats? The answer to this, as many people would agree, is downright. Muhurats are considered to be following the laws of nature, guiding us to carry out our important events and tasks at their destined timeframe. By considering Shubh Muhurats while carrying out significant tasks and events, we are doing our bit to follow the flow and rhythm of the cosmos. The cosmos has a pivotal role to play in shaping our life the way it is in the present time and the way it will go on to be in near future. Nature has its own modus to warn us against any adversity and pave our path towards happiness and the capacity to find and acknowledge these omens rests with us. Hence, it is of significant importance to take notice of the flow of nature and cosmos and do our bit to maintain the balance set by the divine power.

Occasions for which a Shubh Muhurat is sought

The tradition of conducting all the major events of one's life on a Shubh Muhurat is massive and extraordinarily preserved. Since ages, people have been consulting astrologers for every important event or work so that everything is done at an auspicious time ensuring its obstacle-free accomplishment. But there are certain events such as marriages, mundans and many more, where calculation of an auspicious Muhurat is of utmost importance. Such events are symbolic in one's life and deserve specific attention and consideration. It is believed that these events also play an important role in how one's life pans out later on and are considered to be stepping stones for a successful and happy lifetime. Some of the most important occasions that demand as auspicious Muhurat before being conducted are: Marriage Muhurat, Griha Pravesh Muhurat, Employment Muhurat, Education Muhurat, Travel Muhurat and Purchasing property or vehicle Muhurat.

How to calculate Muhurats?

The Panchang is considered to be one of the fundamental aspects while determining a Muhurat. A Panchang is a compendium of Hindu Vedic Astrology which is routinely referred to by astrologers to remain updated with the astrological information such as important dates, current positions of the planets, auspicious dates and muhurats and much more.

'Panch-ang' literally means 'five parts' and is composed of Din or Vaar, Tithi or the Lunar date, Nakshatra or the constellation, Yoga and Karana. Panchang tells about the present day, known as Vaar, along with the information of the ruling planet on that particular day. Tithi is the Lunar date which is ascertained with the help of the Panchang, along with the Paksha being followed. Hindu Tithis are broadly classified into five categories, namely, Nanda Tithi, Bhadra Tithi, Jaya Tithi, Rikta Tithi and Purna Tithi. Similarly, Paksha is also divided into two categories: Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Nakshatras are the stellar constellations. There are 27 Nakshatras which are of immense importance as per Vedic Astrology. Yoga is determined by dividing the sum of the Nirayana longitude of the Moon and the Sun into 27 equal parts. This calculation makes each yoga of about 13°20'. Talking about Karana, it is the approximate half of a Tithi.

Other factors that play a vital role in deciding a Shubh Muhurat are:

  • Planetary positions
  • The lunar cycle of days to ascertain the precise day as per Hindu Calendar
  • The appropriate Nakshatra
  • The ceremony for which the Muhurat is being sought. Muhurats differ as per the ceremonies and occasions.
  • The time period when the ceremony is to be held.

Based on all these factors, a specific Muhurat is extracted for a ceremony so that everything goes perfect on that auspicious occasion.


For a majority of people in India, the significance of an auspicious Muhurat has been beyond explanation. It is considered to be appropriate if a celebration or a special event is conducted at a precisely determined Muhurat. This is done to wade off any negative vibes and forces which might disrupt the celebrations and invite the blessings of the almighty that would lead one to the domains of success, happiness and prosperity. But if any such event is not conducted at a given Muhurat, then there are no remedies to rectify that.

In the modern society, not much preference is given to Muhurats for usual events. Though, an astrologer is still consulted for celebrations such as marriages, Mundan ceremonies, Griha Pravesh and more. A Shubh Muhurat avoids the possibilities of any probable hindrances or obstacles in the way of an important task or celebration. An auspicious Muhurat is the perfect time period when an opportune event should be conducted to ensure a nuisance-free affair.

Given below are some of the most important Muhurats for the year 2017.

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