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Puja is an act of showing reverence to God/Goddess through prayers, invocation, ritual and songs. Homam is Puja and chanting the mantra for a particular deity to please the deity by invoking fire or Agni. Puja and Homam are being performed with prime goal of peace, satisfaction and happiness in your life. Puja and Homam are performed successively in order to trigger various positive energies. It can help you get well, find a partner, have good relationships and it may even remove bad karma or negative aspects in a horoscope.

We Provide These Pooja Services Online :

  • Navgraha Pooja
  • Anshik Manglik Dosh Pooja
  • Manglik Dosh Pooja
  • Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Raahu Ketu Jap
  • Chandal Yog Shanti
  • Pitra Dosh
  • Rudra Abhishek Pooja
  • Shani Telabhishek
  • Bhairav Pooja
  • Pitra Dosh
  • Gayatri Jap
  • Laxmi Prapti Pooja
  • Shadi me Rukawat
  • Bhadra Kaali Pooja
  • Vyapaar Vriddhi Pooja
  • Naukari/Promotion
  • Grah Klesh
  • Mahamritunjay Anushthan
  • Grah Pravesh Pooja
  • Tilak
  • Vivah Vidhan
  • Anishta Grih Shanti
  • Vishyog Pooja
  • Chamunda Anushthan
  • Gopal Sahastra Pooja
  • Vastu Dosh Niwaran Pooja
  • Durga Sapt Shati

And many more...

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